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3 Reasons People are Ditching Their Nightly Glass of Wine for Betera

1. Mindful Drinking

Whether your goal is to skip a round, skip a day, skip a month, or somewhere in between, mindful drinking offers a host of potential benefits.

Betera's complex and refreshingly bitter flavors satisfy the taste for an adult beverage without the booze. Sticking to your mindful drinking plan has never been so delicious. 

2. A Healthy Alternative

Each 12 oz bottle contains 16 calories and 4 grams of organic cane sugar. Packed with batch-brewed botanicals using only whole ingredients, Betera is the ideal beverage to toast to your good health.

3. Pairs Perfectly 

Betera founder and Michelin-starred chef Paul Eschbach crafted each flavor to be enjoyed with food, friends, and family.

Whether it's a fresh Caprese salad at a summer picnic or a rich holiday feast, Betera beautifully complements the epicurean experience.  

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