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Three Reasons People are Ditching Booze for Betera 

A Community Built By You 

We don't think it's radical to reduce alcohol consumption to live a healthier and more intentional life. Turns out, a lot of people agree with us. Since we launched in 2020, we've been overwhelmed by the number of folks who are changing the way they drink, and choose Betera as their go-to adult non-alcoholic beverage.

Our Betera community is full of culinary creativity, and we love trying out the zero proof cocktail recipes they create. If you have one of your own, submit it it here and we may feature it!

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Food, Family, and Friends

When you get three guys from the culinary, wine, and advertising industries together, you get three guys who’ve had a few drinks. Then when you add families, you get three guys who start thinking about ways to be healthier. And that’s how Betera came to be. Read Our Story

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