When you get three guys from the culinary, wine, and advertising industries together, you get three guys who’ve had a few drinks. Then when you add families, you get three guys who start thinking about ways to be healthier. And that’s how Betera came to be.

Paul Eschbach and Nick Benz met while cooking together in New York at Jean-Georges’ Perry Street. Nick left New York to work in the wine industry in Sonoma. Paul continued cooking, becoming an Executive Chef who led Michelin Star-earning teams in Shanghai. With 20 years of cooking experience under his belt, Paul moved with his family to Marin in 2018 and started working with Nick again, this time on something totally different.  

They wondered what would happen if they applied the same passion and process that they brought to a beverage that they would to their menus. 

We may have started by thinking we were alone or the outliers in trying to drink less, but we figured out right away that we weren’t the only ones. It turns out that if you’re someone who’s taking some time off from drinking, you’re a part of a quiet, but large community. So, hi. We hope to get to know you and have you along for the journey.

Nick, Paul, and Aaron