We make refreshingly adult non-alcoholic beverages with all-natural ingredients. But, why?

When you get three guys from the culinary, wine, and advertising industries together, you get three guys who’ve had a few drinks. Then when you add families, you get three guys who start thinking about ways to be healthier. And that’s how Betera came to be.

Too often, we found ourselves turning to alcohol because there weren’t any other decent options in the moment. If we could offer a special beverage without the alcohol, we would all win. 

We wondered why there weren’t drinks that were complex, unique, and low in sugar that could replace alcohol; all while still feeling elevated and special. So, we made them ourselves. 

We’re not drinking as much anymore. The improved sleep, weight loss, and lack of alcohol-induced foggy mornings are some of the reasons. The most important one is knowing we’re showing up for our families, present and clear-minded. 

Thanks for joining us as we drink like there’s a tomorrow.

Nick, Paul, and Aaron

Team Betera