Royal Red Shrimp Linguine with Calabrian Chili

Royal Red Shrimp Linguine with Calabrian Chili

By Chef Paul Eschbach

Check out E-Fish for amazing seafood, delivered fresh anywhere. We grabbed up some Red Shrimp from the Gulf and put this together. You can omit the head sauce and make a quick pan sauce from shallot garlic, olive oil, and lemon for a quick simple great dish.

For the Shrimp 

Quickly rinse the shrimp in cold water. Pull the heads off and reserve and peel the shrimp leaving the tail on if you wish. Line up the shrimp and slice the backs to devein. Rinse if needed and reserve.

For the Sauce

24 ea Shrimp Heads

4 tbs Olive Oil

4 tbs Shallot Sliced Thin 

4 ea Garlic Cloves Sliced Thin

2 oz Tomato Paste

16 oz Chopped Tomato

16 oz   Stock or Water

2 oz   Brandy

T.t Salt

Sweat shallots and garlic till completely tender. Add shrimp heads and saute till roasted and crispy. Add tomato paste and cook out, careful to not let it burn. Deglaze with the Brandy. Cook down and add chopped tomatoes and stock. Simmer gently for 30 min. Cool and blend till completely smooth, pass through a chinois with a ladle, being sure to squeeze as much out as possible. 

For the Panko

2 oz Panko 

2 tbs Olive Oil

1 ea Lemon Zest 


In a pan warm the olive oil and toast the panko, continuously moving the panko to make sure it cooks evenly. Just before it's golden, remove from the pan and spread on a dish lined with paper towels to cool. Season with salt immediately and microplane a lemon over top, mix well.

To Plate

Saute your shrimp gently in a pan with garlic, remove when cooked and add your cooked pasta to the pan. Add enough sauce to coat the pasta and warm.  Place the pasta on the bottom of a plate and top with the shrimp. Spoon Calabrian chili paste (I use Tutto Calabria crushed chili pepper paste) over the shrimp and pasta to your liking. Top with toasted panko and herbs.