Poule au Pot inspired from Chicken Soup Manifesto

Poule au Pot inspired from Chicken Soup Manifesto

I made this dish a couple a weeks ago on a snowy day.  Everyone in the house was feeling a bit gray and it immediately warmed up the home when it started to simmer.  As a restaurant Chef, I didn't get to cook many proteins whole.  I remember JG teaching me how to poach a whole lobe of foie in lentils and his famous “the Potatoes are Better than the Chicken” for family meal.   When I cooked and then ate this dish from Jenn Louis book I was blown away of how tender the meat was.  It reminded me of the tender steamed chicken in Hainanese chicken so I had to make it again with a little Asian influence. This recipe is a must have for any chicken soup lover!

Poule au Pot inspired from Chicken Soup Manifesto 

1 3-4 pound chicken

5 oz Shiitake 

4 clove garlic

4, 10 oz  carrots

10 oz leeks 

5 oz celery

1.5 oz ginger 

1 tbs pepper 

1 tbs salt

5-6  cups stock

1 cup white wine or sake

 Place chicken on the bottom of your heavy bottom pot like a le creuset and surround it with veg.  It should be pretty tight.  Add the stock and wine/ sake.  Bring to a full boil then turn it down to a  gentle simmer and cool till you get temps of 165 from the leg joints and deepest parts of the breast.  Remove the bird and keep it warm covered.  Taste your veg and broth and re-season if needed.  You can remove broth and use it to cook your rice or add the more veg squash or potatoes and gently cook till done.  

Carve your chicken and if needed lay it on top of the veg in the pot and gently warm covered.

I made brown rice with the broth and folded in chopped cilantro.


Ginger Scallion Sauce

2.5 oz Minced Ginger

5 oz Scallion Sliced very thin

1 cup neutral oil

1 tbs salt

Bring oil to just smoking and carefully pour over the ginger scallion and salt.  Make sure you do this in a large heat proof bowl because it will splatter.  Stir and let it rest till room temperature. Serve over the chicken.