Mulled Ginger Cider

Mulled Ginger Cider
Your first thought might be: "Heating a carbonated beverage?" Don't worry, the heat cooks off the carbonation.
The classic pairing of apple and ginger combined with the earthiness of turmeric is perfect with darker notes of cider.  I added mulling spices for more wintery flavors but have fun and use whatever you like. 
  • 6 oz Ginger Orange
  • 3 oz Apple or Pear Cider
  • 1 ea clove
  • 1 ea Cinnamon Stick or Star Anise
  • Or 1 Tbs Mulling Spices
  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

Heat and stir until hot and desired spice is reached. Garnish with Candied Ginger in a skewer or on the side.

Full-bodied and fragrant, this Mulled Ginger Cider non-alcoholic cocktail is ideal as a post-dinner indulgence or a warming refreshment after shoveling snow.