Citrus-Hibicus Betera Granita

Citrus-Hibicus Betera Granita

Inspired by our friends @cbcebulski and @mutsumi_nyc  recent trip to @carnemare where they had a Grapefruit Campari and Limoncello Granita topped with Prosecco.  We had to try it with our bitter bevs!

For the Granita

1 ea Orange Segmented or Supremed 

1 ea Grapefruit Segmented or Supremed

1.5 oz Agave

1 ea Betera Rhubarb Hibiscus

2 oz Pomegranate or Cranberry Juice

Blend all till smooth then freeze till hard.  Scrap with a fork and spoon into your glass.  Add elderflower lime and hit it with some grapefruit and lime zest.