Chicory and Citrus Salad Recipe

Chicory and Citrus Salad Recipe

Chicory and Citrus Salad

A quick and simple family style salad that can easily be scaled down. As the citrus season comes to an end, grab whatever looks great and use it in a salad to balance out those fun bitter chicories that often get passed over.  I found great looking frisee and endives and the citrus looked great.

1 ea Frisée

1 ea Radicchio

1 ea Endive 

1 ea Blood Orange

1 ea Cara Cara

1 ea Grapefruit


4 tbs Chopped Toasted and Salted Pistachios

6 tbs EVO or Pistachio Oil

4 tbs Citrus Juice

2 tbs Verjus or Saba or Balsamic

1 tbs Honey

1 tsp Dijon

Salt and Pepper

For the Salad 

Clean the frisée by removing first trimming all the rusty looking leaves away and then over a bowl of ice water clip the leaves off in a desired size with kitchen scissors. Gently agitate and spin in a salad spinner and reserve. Frisée often has sand so check the bottom of your rinsing bowl and repeat the washing process till it's clean. Trim your endive and gently remove the leaves to rinse and dry if needed and reserve. Halve the radicchio and remove the core then cut into desired wedges or leaves. Wash and spin if needed.  

For the Citrus

With a serrated knife “supreme” the citrus.  Cut the poles off the citrus and then gently follow the flesh line to remove the skin. Carefully remove as much pith as you can without loosing the citrus meat.  Over a bowl with a paring knife segment citrus by running the knife near the membrane turning and flipping out the segments into a bowl.  Do keep all the citrus separate especially if using blood orange so it doesn't bleed into the other citrus.  Reserve the membrane and scrap and squeeze everything to collect the juice (this you can mix).  

For the Dressing and Build

Combine the citrus juice, honey, and dijon and mix well. Then slowly whisk in your oil if you want it homogenized. You can also just mixed the dressing ingredients well and serve the table. 

Build your salad by starting with the frisee and hiding spears of endive all around and layer with radicchio. Add you three citruses all over and dress. Season with pistachio, flake salt, and pepper.