A Note From Nick

In late 2020, we set out to change the way people drink. To prove you can

socialize, relax, or enjoy a meal with an alcohol-free beverage. We wanted to show that beverages could be inspiring, complex, good for you, and alcohol-free. An ambitious goal, but one we strive for every day at Betera.

I am proud of what we accomplished, but know there is much more to do. We expanded distribution, opened new fulfillment centers, landed on Forbes twice (Zero-Proof and Ready to Drink, 7 Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Help you Stay Sober) and built a passionate community. We also made mistakes. Growing a business in a new category during the pandemic has been a challenge (*Delayed Shipments, *Green Labels), but we continue to build with exciting developments on the horizon.

To start, we are taking a deeper dive into Community. What it means to us, and what our community values. Each month we will feature stories from our community, new recipes, and unique offers. We also plan to release new flavors this year. Stay tuned for updates and an opportunity to send suggestions to Chef Paul. 

Thank you for your continued support and remember to drink like there’s a tomorrow.



*Shipment Delays: appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through extreme weather, Covid-related driver shortages, and disruptions in our supply chain. Our goal is to ship all orders within 36 hours and we expect to be back on schedule in February.
*Green Labels: a small percentage of Ginger-Orange bottles were mislabeled and to fix the issue we had to cover the wrong label. If you get a green label, that is why. Write us and let us know what you think of the new look.