Why not now?

Why not now?

A few people have wondered if it’s the right time to launch this company.

In the beginning of the year, we were thinking we made a cocktail replacement. Then we started getting feedback. My sister-in-law selfishly hides them from her husband. A good friend found his young daughters begging for them (Works for him - there’s barely any sugar and no caffeine.) I can’t keep enough in the house, and I get a case a week. One well known wine bar owner tried them and said he’d add them to the menu.

Then everything changed. 

We founded the company on the idea of always seeking better. A better drink. Better health. Better Saturday adventures. Better experiences. There’s never been a better time for things to get better.

This space, Betera Life, will be where we share stories from the Betera family, a community of people like you and me who are on the search for something that bests the status quo.

And who knows, it might just work out that this is the best time to start. Thank you for coming along for the journey.