What does "sober curious" mean, anyway?

What does

In 2014 Google searches for Dry January were non-existent. There are now 238,000 posts on Instagram with the tag #DryJanuary. The term “sober curious” only really popped into existence in the last year.


Sober curious, Dry January, and offsprings like SoberTober have created a grey space in a new sobriety spectrum. What was once black and white, is now a choice that some people make from night to night or in long commitments. (I’ll often give up drinking while training for a long bike ride, enjoying the hell out of a beer after crossing the finish line).

Make no mistake, for many, sobriety is a black and white absolute and a topic that does not carry such looseness. Many who are sober warn that this spectrum can be dangerous for those who need to cut alcohol out entirely. 

Some people are looking to cut back on drinking for other reasons as well. Research showing the effects alcohol has on our health is stacking up and gone are the days where a glass of red wine at night does a body good. There’s A five-ounce glass of wine has 125 calories. An IPA has about 200. (Betera drinks have 8-10 calories)

The team at Betera strives to meet people where they are. Perhaps people are looking to stop drinking on weeknights. Maybe it’s cutting back from three drinks a night to one or two, enjoying a Betera after a glass of wine. And maybe it is stone cold sober. We want to support people wherever they are on their wellness journey. 

We’re already hearing feedback that our drinks are helping people drink less. It’s why we started Betera, yeah. But, to see the impact it’s making in people’s lives is another thing entirely.

"My new go-to-move when I want to have another glass of wine is to have a Betera. Such a good decision and I wake up 10 times better." - Tom L.