The Dry Challenge with Hilary Sheinbaum

The Dry Challenge with Hilary Sheinbaum

The Dry Challenge

When I embarked on my first dry challenge in January 2017, many of my friends didn't understand what I was doing. Frankly, I didn't have an apparent reason at first- I spontaneously bet one of my friends that I could complete a Dry January on December 31st, 2016, just before the New Year's Eve ball dropped.

As I was writing The Dry Challenge, I decided to incorporate elements that require active participation from the reader since that's how I retain information best. So I built checklists, interactive prompts, and puzzles into the book as a fun and helpful way to highlight the personal benefits of 31 days of abstaining from alcohol. In addition, there are charts that record money saved, hours of sleep each night, and more. 

The goal is for the reader to see how alcohol consumption impacts many different facets of their life over a month. 

A Movement Gaining Momentum 

Since New Year's Eve 2016, the concept of Dry Januarys and dry months has gained popularity. Living in New York City, I've visited bars and restaurants where nonalcoholic drinks occupy as much space as alcoholic ones on many cocktail menus. As a result, niche and global brands now produce nonalcoholic adult beverages to meet the growing consumer demands. Shops have popped up in Manhattan and Brooklyn that sell these alcohol-free spirits, cocktails, wines, and beers, which is a significant (and welcomed!) change to the city that never sleeps. 

As a journalist reporting on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, I've also noticed a shift in these industries. Folks in the beauty world are starting to realize how alcohol can damage your skin. Many models and actors in fashion and entertainment openly no longer drink alcohol.

Concepts like mindful drinking, sober curiosity, etc., appear to be catching on more and more in our mainstream culture. 

Drink Like There's a Tomorrow 

I love Betera! First and foremost, the inventive flavors are delicious, and the level of effervescence is perfect. Second, at 4 grams of sugar per bottle, Betera is not super sugary and contains no artificial ingredients.

I like bringing Betera to get-togethers and parties with friends. Of course, people also bring alcohol to these events if they want to, but Betera is my go-to pick.


Hilary Sheinbaum is a journalist, content creator, host, and author of The Dry Challenge. Keep up with Hilary by following her @hilarywritesny, and order a copy of The Dry Challenge on Amazon.