On Mindfulness: Wild Rice Retreat

NNestled between growing pines and the red rock shores of Lake Superior, Wild Rice is a vibrant destination retreat center in the Midwest founded on the pillars of nourishment, expression, and movement.Wild Rice Retreat serves Betera as part of their 'Spirit Free' cocktail hour, and in recognition of "Mindful March," we caught up with their Content Coordinator Cat Nowicki on all things mindfulness. 

Movement, Expression, Nourishment

Wild Rice's decor, color schemes, and object placement support individuals in their journey to live an intentional life by practicing mindfulness daily. We strive to improve mindfulness through movement, expression, and nourishment at the retreat.

 Engaging in intentional movement enriches our mind-to-body connection and spatial awareness. Wild Rice offers a variety of daily immersion classes like yoga, tai chi, and forest bathing. You can connect with nature in the natural landscape or check into yourself in the hush zones on our 100-acre wood property.

Actively participating in forms of self-expression grounds us to our authentic selves; here, we can allow ourselves to grow and heal. We emphasize savoring and giving thanks for the nourishment we put into our bodies. Wild Rice uses local, organic, and health-conscious options when menu drafting to help ensure there is purpose, integrity, and joy in the meals provided. 

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'Time Stops'

One of the most prominent obstacles to mindfulness is technology. Constantly keeping in touch with friends and family, capturing the perfect shot, etc., prevents us from remaining in the 'now.' The rush of endorphins from a "like" on Instagram or Smartphone "ding!" take us from the present moment, forcing us to re-engage in the "here" multiple times daily. Turning your phone off or putting it on focus mode allows you to stay tuned into the present moment.

People everywhere are also working harder than ever, with many people working too much! Our job responsibilities have stretched from regular working hours into our personal time due to the evolving world of virtual meetings and staffing shortages. Because of this, individuals come to Wild Rice Retreat seeking peace and solitude.

A guest once told me that "Time stops at Wild Rice Retreat because you're so immersed in the moment"; that comment struck a chord with me. "Time Stops" is the state of flow that is the essence of Wild Rice Retreat. It is at the heart of what we want our guests to achieve and remember while staying at our unique retreat. 

Slow Down and Breathe

Several signs on the drive into our property read 'slow down and breathe'; we want you in the present moment for this experience.Simple practices like body scanning and breath work can be incredibly effective. A few minutes of slow and intentional breaths before a meeting, leisure activity, or even a meal can drastically enhance your outlook and experience.

When we slow down to appreciate the world around us, it can enrich and increase our quality of living. Taking moments throughout your day to identify what you are feeling can be a helpful tool to release those emotions. 

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Mindful Drinking: the 'What's' and the 'How's'

The Mindful Drinking movement has been rapidly growing as people reap the benefits of living a sober lifestyle: improved sleep and mood, increased productivity, glowing skin (to name a few).

A valuable thinking pattern for being mindful about alcohol consumption is examining the "what's" and how's" of the situation.Sometimes, we realize our actual inner workings and desires when we ask these questions. Listening to our mind and body's needs can strengthen our trust and intuition with ourselves.

Even if you aren't eliminating alcohol from your diet, mindful drinking encourages you to be more aware of your five senses while engaging in drinking and shifts you out of autopilot mode and into a deep and enriched state of being. 

Betera at Wild Rice

We offer a daily Spirit Free cocktail hour for our guests, and Betera beverages are popular! They are refreshing, invigorating, and contain all-natural ingredients.

Our most popular zero-proof Betera cocktail is the Rhubarb-Hibiscus Spritz:

3 oz Betera RhubarbHibiscus
2 oz sparkling water
1 oz orange simple syrup
Serve over ice, garnish with orange

Ready to make the Wild Rice Rhubarb-Hibiscus Spritz? Stock up on the star of the show. 

Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles
Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles
Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles
Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles
Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles
Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles

Rhubarb-Hibiscus - 12 Bottles


Bright notes of crushed red currants, vanilla bean and ground rhubarb root are married with lively flavors of ruby red grapefruit, mandarin orange and touch of earthiness. Long, smooth finish. 4 grams of sugar. Serve chilled.

  Drink like there's a tomorrow!

Thank you to Cat Nowicki and Wild Rice Retreat 

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