My 12th Year of Dry January

My 12th Year of Dry January

New Years is a time for reflection, a time when many make resolutions. It also has increasingly become a time for sobriety, better known as Dry January. A movement I first participated in over a decade ago. That first year was a personal challenge, could I just take a two week break. Despite being a healthy adult, I consumed too much and knew my body needed a reset. Just grin and bear it was my motto.

After a few years I began to appreciate the break more. The benefits to my mind and body were undeniable. I was enjoying better sleep, higher energy levels, and improved focus after just 2 weeks. This encouraged me to push on through for the entire month. While not immediate, the experience has helped me develop better drinking habits, a common result for many. A 2018 UK study found that 70% of Dry January participants were still drinking less the preceding August. 

By 2019 I was no longer drinking during the week, keeping it to the weekends and special occasions. A habit made much easier with quality alcohol-free options. Previous Dry January’s left me desperate for something with character and complexity found in alcoholic beverages. Most adult non-alcoholic beverages rely on sugar and manufactured extracts for their flavor. They tend to be sweet, unbalanced and rough around the edges. Sparkling water and tea are great, but still left me wanting.

A large part of my drinking was attributed to craving a quality beverage, not the buzz. I wanted a beverage that accentuated my meals, made happy hours just as enjoyable and didn’t slow me down. Thankfully, I knew Chef Paul. He leaned on decades of experience to craft sophisticated beverages that are unique, inspiring and refreshing. They made the decision that much easier and we wanted to share them with you.

Since launching Betera, I have been inspired by the support we received from our customers and community. It has never been easier to embrace mindful drinking. I choose to drink like there’s a tomorrow, and encourage you to join me as well. You’ll be glad you did. 


Nick Benz is the Founder and CEO of Betera