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Cheers to Your Health

When crafting Betera, our health was top of mind; as founders we wanted to drink less to be more present for our families. But we wanted to ensure that along with reducing or eliminating our alcohol intake, we were not replacing booze with unhealthy non-alcoholic options. 

Here's what we did to craft a healthy alcohol-free sparkling botanical tonic.

Real Botanicals 

We believe alcohol is an option- not a requirement- for a great adult beverage. And a great adult beverage starts with the finest ingredients. That's why we only use real botanicals-no additives or emulsifiers-to craft Betera. Valencia orange peel, hibiscus sabdariffa, Turkish rhubarb root, Peruvian ginger root, makrut lime leaves, black elderflower, and more are brewed at the right temperature and for the right amount of time to extract magical flavors.

Low Calorie

The average 12 oz can of beer is around 150 calories, a 5 oz glass of wine is about 125 calories, and a cocktail can range from 100 calories to over 500 calories. 

At 16 calories per 12 oz bottle, Betera is the perfect option to reduce excess calories consumed from adult beverages. 

Low Sugar

Looking to reduce your sugar intake? Betera contains only 4 grams of sugar per 12 oz bottle. For the same 12 oz,  full-calorie sodas contain around ~35 grams, kombucha has ~15 grams, and juices pack in ~20 grams of sugar.   We think this is a pretty sweet reason to drink Betera as your nonalcoholic option. 

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