Betera X Doug Walker: A project supporting Extra Food Marin

Betera X Doug Walker: A project supporting Extra Food Marin

In the coming months, we'll be partnering with artists whose work we find inspiring. A couple of months ago, we saw a project being done by Doug Walker, a Marin-based film director and editor. We collaborated with Doug on a limited edition run of shirts, with all proceeds supporting Extra Food Marin, an organization dedicated to getting food to families during the pandemic. 

We chatted with Doug about the project and where he finds his inspiration.

What lead you to make these shirts to support Extra Food?

While spending time at home due to the Coronavirus I was hiking trails and the trails had these signs saying that parking wasn’t allowed. The barriers had this great typeface that read "Marin County." I snapped a photo and when I got home I printed it out and for some reason decided to make a stencil. I had 2 boxes of t-shirt blanks from Marine Layer in my garage and thought let’s get creative. I thought how can I give back and to who? I had done some work for filming a few stories of people who benefit from what they do and was really impressed. It stuck with me so I thought, Let’s give all proceeds to them and help others.


The lockdown has been a challenging time, in different ways, for all of us. What silver linings are you finding?

I think when you’re a creative person you don’t stop. So having the time has allowed me to completely multitask. From documenting teachers and families during these times, making tees, and surfing. But I think my favorite part has been family time. Our kids are older but spending quality time with them and my wife Beth I am so grateful.


From directing to editing to curation to creating art, you have an extraordinary sense of curiosity, which I really admire. What is it about others, and their stories, that's so important for you?

I think we all have a story and I am just drawn to them. I love when you see them connect with you and it’s in their eyes and that’s when they become vulnerable and completely open. I think we all have a purpose and whenever I pick up a camera I feel like I’m a messenger and that’s when I just paint and let the film happen.


Who are the people that inspire you in our community?

The Artists, Makers, and others all trying to make a difference. I think every little bit can help and go a long way. Try it.


View more of Doug’s work here. Order a shirt from Doug by DMing him on instagram.